No two individuals are alike and for that reason, we take a customized approach in personalizing each program tailored to fit the specific needs of applicant(s) and/or insured. Each solution is based off the findings during independent consultations, financial documentation, expressed goals, strategies currently in place,  and the evaluation of the steps taken towards said goal.

As an Independent Insurance Agent/Consultant to Individuals/Families abroad & Employee Benefits Advisor to employers across the nation, we partner with the Top Fortune 500 companies in the industry who specialize in Employee Benefits in Health/Disability, Life insurance Retirement Planning, Sports Protection & Wealth Building Portfolio Diversification in Fixed/Indexed Annuity structures, and so much more. Our clients include head of households, families, students, and employers of all sizes from large corporations to “mom & pop” store fronts. Insurance is the top used vehicle in spearheading Risk & Asset Management so we offer a full Suitability Analysis Review of applicant(s) current financial positions in assets/liabilities/income streams/ credit debt. etc. giving recommendations &/or options in the areas that would best fit the goals expressed during interviewing and analysis process.

Custom Services:

Suitability Analysis Review (SAR)- A SAR focuses on key areas of financial stability via income, assets, liabilities, defined benefits, future income, savings and investment accounts, revolving credit, Life Protection and future expenses such as college, extended travel, etc. This review will provide a clearer view of where the client is in their financial picture. With a SAR consultation, we aid in educating on insurance options of protection during the years of importance. 

LIRP- “Life Insurance in Retirement Planning” is used to satisfy life insurance final expense benefit yet address the need for retirement income at a said time and amount via monthly income replacement and/or lump sum withdrawals.  As a form of income stream during a noted desired retirement age, a customized approach is done to illustrate applicant income capability using a said product structure via indexed market potential, illustration of  historic average returns, and floor protections applied to aid in meeting targeted goal.

Broker Partner Services- In the industry in insurance, brokers, and independent insurance agents come together to take care the needs of the client by any means necessary calling in agents near the client to assist in servicing the clients needs. On site manpower during corporate Open Enrollments with an agent the firm can TRUST to operate efficiently, effectively, and ethically in their behalf is vital to lasting agreements. We partner with brokerage firms across the country to ensure maintained customer service levels, and assist in taking care of the needs of the client all while creating and building a lasting relationship to come with said leading agency. If you are a brokerage firm looking to work with an independent agent in areas of Open Enrollment services, contact us today. 

Benefits Coordinator Services- Custom pre-tax & post tax benefits packages tailored to the needs company structures of all sizes i.e. corporations, LLC's, S-Corps, DBA's, Partnerships, etc. with 3 or more employees offering products coverage (see products).  As business account originator, service coordinator, and main point of contact to employer human resource of said company we provide 1-2-1 aid in the needs of employee questions, inquires, and/or concerns.